Frequently Asked Questions

Yes all activities require atleast 24hours notice prior to game day. Some activities also require a deposit to reserve the spot, so get in quick to ensure you get the day you want.
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Yes all locations have parking available on site. The drive way to get to the car park is just off Falls Road about 100m from the Princess Highway
Yes, we accept VISA or MASTERCARD.
From July 1st 2019, in NSW by law you need to be at least 12 years of age to be able to play paintball. Previously this was 16.
Yes paintball markers are registered firearms and all players, no matter how old they are need to bring Photo ID on the day of play. Players under the age of 16 will need parent or guardians to provide some sort of ID.
Any legitimate ID that has your Name, Photo and Date of Birth on it such as your Drivers License, Passport, NSW Photo Card, School Photo ID or Proof of Age Card.
Average groups sizes are around 15-20 players in a group, it’s more fun the more targets you have to shoot at.
If you have a smaller group you will may mixed in with others.
It is more fun to have a chance to shoot your friends so groups are mixed within the teams. This also prevents an ‘us and them’ mentality and encourages the making of new friends.
We do have under cover areas where people can sit and wait but due to the size of the locations they don’t get to see a whole lot, so we suggest they bring a book to read.
We recommend to allow at least 3-4 hours for the paintball experience. Session times vary depending on how many paintballs are purchased and how trigger happy people are. Most sessions with an arrival time of 9:00 – 10:00am and the average number of paintballs tend to finish up around 1:00pm
Yes. Glasses will fit under the masks, though comfort level depends more on the size of your frames. If you do wear glasses, let one of our staff know and we will apply some anti-fog solution to your glasses as we do to all mask lenses to help prevent fogging.
Shoalhaven Skirmish provides a camo battle suit as part of your tactical gear hire to go over your clothes. We recommend light clothing to be worn underneath, or take as much of as you are comfortable with. That way you have something non sweaty to put back on afterwards and it will help prevent you from overheating.
The average number of paintballs people tend to use in a session is about 500 – 700 each. Some people play with a lot more, some people less. It just varies depending on how trigger happy you are..!!
Players of any age can play Laser Skirmish, but we recommend players be atleast 7 to fully enjoy the day, as some concepts might be difficult for younger players to understand.
No, they use Infrared (IR) to shoot harmless beams at eachother. This is the same technology used in TV Remotes.
We cater for between 6 - 12 players currently. We can operate with a minimum of 4 players but the more the merrier.
Recommended minimal ages is 12.
No, they have a foam tipped end to ensure players are not hurt. Face protection masks are also warn to protect players eyes and face from injury.
We cater for between 6 - 10 players currently.